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“There is no understood behavior of this position because you have not been taught it. Therefore we will teach you the proper behaviors in a manner that will exude confidence and get the best results from your teammates and community”

CFL Toronto Argonauts QB - Dalton Bell      Learn what it takes to become a champion on and off the field through the most detailed leadership program for quarterbacks in the U.S. The quarterback position and leadership go hand in hand. There are plenty of QB training resources for on the field skills, but truly none for off the field. This program is designed to provide you with a guide on becoming a championship caliber leader in addition to a championship caliber player. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and why to do it are the most important issues in building leaders at the quarterback position.

CFL Calgary Stampede QB - Drew Tate     The Old School Quarterbacks Champions Program was developed over Brad Frazier’s 20+ year career of coaching and instructing championship caliber quarterbacks from youth and high school, to college and the pro’s. The Champions Program is a multi-session training course totalling 12 hours built to deliver one of the most valuable sets of tools a successful champion minded leader can have.

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