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   Chalk Talk 101

     Coach Frazier & Josh Neiswander (Montreal Alouettes Quarterback)

Brad Frazier     It's that time of the year again when players begin preparations for getting back into peak physical condition for the upcoming August football season. But for quarterbacks, there is no "off-season". The post-season is the perfect time to focus on the part of the game the separates good quarterbacks from the great quarterbacks - the mental game. It's the "smart" quarterbacks - the quarterbacks that not only know and execute the playbook but understand all the positions on the field, can adjust the play based on the coverage, and provide leadership on the field - that take the game to the next level.

Coach Brad Frazier     Old School Quarterbacks (OSQ) is excited to announce a new 5-week/hr. program geared specifically towards teaching quarterbacks the skills needed to become the "smart" quarterback. Heavily requested in the past and taught by Montreal quarterback Josh Neiswander, this program is structured to teach quarterbacks of all levels to identify defensive schemes, read coverage's, adjust to developing plays, and provide leadership to your team on the field. Quarterbacks will meet in Frisco once a week to focus on the core essentials of the mental game and how to use this knowledge to gain the edge in their performance on the field.

     Course Fee:     $200.00
     Location:     Frisco, TX